Welcome to the Burges High School

 Class of 1959’s website.  

The Class of 1959 was the first class to attend all four years in the brand-new High School in El Paso, Texas, and the last class to be seated on the stage in the gymnasium for Commencement.  The new High School was located near the far eastern boundary of the city in the then-new residential area of Cielo Vista.  It was named for William H. Burges an active civic leader who entered a law practice in El Paso in 1889.  Burges joined El Paso High School, Bowie High School, Cathedral High, Austin and Ysleta High Schools in the fast growing border city. There were just over 100 students in the class of 1959, and a faculty of only eighty teachers.  Mr. Don Mitchell was Principal of the new School, and Mr.  Joe Bullock was named the Vice-Principal.  We had a great School Newspaper and Yearbook staff,  marvelous basketball team under the coaching of Art Ranew, a football team that was amazing–under the coaching of Coach Joe Birkhead.  The Burges Mustangs Marching band under the direction of Joe Booth, was one of the best in the city, and great clubs and activities offered our Class opportunities in leadership and in service where we all formed friendships that have lasted a lifetime.  A few of the Clubs that shaped our lives were:   Booster, National Honor  Society,  Spanish National Honor Society, Latin and French Clubs, FHA, Modern Dance, Pan American, Hoofbeats (Yearbook), ROTC Officers, Girls Athletic Assn, Tennis, Brush ‘n Palette, Quill and Scroll, Science and Missile Society,  Tangus, Ecivres (Service) and Tri-Hi-Y.  

The Burges Alma Mater

Oh we love the Halls of Burges
That surround us here today.
And we will not forget, tho’ we be far, far away
To the Hallowed Halls of  Burges
Ev’ry voice shall bid farewell
And shimmer off in twilight like the old vesper bell.
One day a hush will fall
The footsteps of us all
Will echo down the hall and disappear
But as we sadly start
Our journey far apart,
A part of ev’ry heart will linger here
In the sacred Halls of Burges
Where we’ve lived and learned to know
That thru the years we’ll see you in the sweet afterglow.